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Hantaran Tembaga Telanjang AAAC-S

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Produk Deskripsi


Spesifikasi Produk

1. Scope
         This specification covers Plain Annelaed Copper conductor in Accordance with 
IEC 60228:2004,  ASTM B 3 - 95, and ASTM B 8 - 99.

2. Construction and Material :
          The constructional data shall be as shown in the attached table :

    Solid or stranded Plain Annealed Copper, in accordance with IEC
    60228 and ASTM B3.
     - Resistivity maximum :  0.017 241 ohm.mm²/m
     - Density : 8.89 g/cm3  at 20°C

3. Permissible variations of wire diameter  (acc. to ASTM B 3 clause 5.4)
     1. under 0.254 | Permissible Variations: ±  0.0025 mm
     2. 0.254 and over | Permissible Variations ± 1 %

4. The direction of  lay shall be reversed in each successive layer and shall be "Z" lay in the outermost layer.

5. Mechanical Characteristic:
    The Elongation of wire before and after strands shall be in accordance with ASTM B 8 - 99, clause 7.4.1 as given in attached table 1 and 2.

. Electrical Characteristic:
The Conductor Resistance at 20°C shall be in accordance with IEC 60228 : 2004 as given in attached table 1 and 2.

7. Testing
     The following item test shall be carried out on the completed wire at manufacturer's work  in accordance with IEC 60228, ASTM B 3 and ASTM B 8.
(1). Appearance test
(2). Dimension test
(3). Elongation test
(4). Conductor resistance test

8. Packing
The wire shall be wound on a wooden drum or a bobbin, and shall be packaged suitably so as not to be  damaged during transportation.

9. Marking on the packing
The following information shall be attached as shipping tag by suitable method on the external surface of both sides of each drum.
(1). Type of Conductor
(2). Conductor Size
(3). Drum No. and Length.
(4). Gross and Net Weight
(5). Manufacturer Name
(6). The Direction of rolling shall be indicated by an arrow
(7). Positions of cable end.
(8). Purchase Order Number.

10. Drawing

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