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1. Construction and Material
Construction : Multicore
A. Conductor : Plain Annealed Copper
(to IEC 60228 class 5) 
B. Insulation : 
Polyvinyl Chloride Compound
. Color Code : -
Insulation:Two core:Brown, Blue|Three core:Brown, Black, Grey|Four core:Brown, Black, Grey, Blue|Five core:Brown, Black, Grey, Blue, Green / Yellow stripe
                              - Sheath: White
    D. Outer Sheath :  Polyvinyl Chloride Compound

2. Cable shall be designed & tested in accordance with SNI 04-6629.5-2006, IEC 60228

3. Special Aplication / Performance up to request
    - Tin coated Copper conductor.
- Maximum Conductor Temperature up to 105 Degree
    - Flame retardant test acc to IEC 60332-3 Cat. A, B or  C.

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