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Produk Deskripsi

Spesifikasi Produk

1. Product Application:
- Generally used in oil and gas plant and under gland distribution line.
   - LAPA cables are available for power, lighting, control, instrument and communication application.

2. Main characteristic and tested as per IEC-TR-61901 :
   - Corrosion resistant up to 80 degrees for 3000 hours in 1% NaCl + 1%Na2SO4 + NaOH pH 8.5
   - Xylene resistant (hydrocarbon resistance) at ambient temp, 60 days
   - Oil Immersion (No. 2 ASTM) at 100 °C for 30 days
   - Water penetration at ambient temp. for 60 days

3. Special Application / Performance up on request
   - Tin coated Copper conductor.
   - Anti Rodent performance.
   - Also available for flame retardant and fire resistant type (IEC 60331).

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