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DC 1.5 kV SOLAR CABLE (PV-1 , H1Z2Z2-K)

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Product Description

Product Specification

1. Product Application:
- Generally used in photovoltaic system for cabling solar modules,
   - Solar panels and arrays
   - Connection to power conditioning system

2. Construction and Material:
Construction : Single core
A. Conductor : Flexible or Stranded tinned coated copper
   B. Insulation :  Cross-linked halogen free flame retardant compound
C. Outer Sheath :
Cross-linked halogen free flame retardant compound

3. The Solar cable shall be designed & tested in accordance with IEC 62930 with performance :
    - Normal operating temperature is up to 90°
    - Operating at 120°C is allowed limitedly within 20,000hours.
    -  Excellent cold property (Cold impact and cold bend at -40°C)
    -  Weathering/UV resistance
    -  Ozone resistance
    -  Chemical resistance
    -  Flame retardant (IEC60332-1-2)

4. Special Aplication / Performance up on request:
   - Standard reference : BS EN 50618 , 2PFG 1169

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