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Sumi Indo believe that our success is when we can bring more positive value and serve the community where we at. Thus, we're not only deliver excellence products to improve people life, we also make an effort to make a better world directly by our CSR Program.



The Company is very concerned about environmental sustainability and natural balance for future generations. Many natural phenomena that have occurred lately underlie the Company’s action to conduct the planting of mangrove trees on the banks and around of the estuary of the coastal.

Mangrove Forest is one group of plants that grows in coastal areas. Mangrove ecosystem, both as natural resources and as environmental protectors has a very important role in the economic and ecological aspects of the surrounding environment. The purpose of planting these mangroves is to prevent erosion and abrasion. Erosion is the attrition of the surface of the ground by the flow of water, while abrasion is the attrition of the surface of the ground due to sea waves. Mangroves have roots that are efficient in protecting the soil in coastal areas so that they can be a soil protector from water-based erosion. The Mangrove tree also serves to inhibit the rate of tsunami’s wave.

As the manifestation of our above concern, the Company cooperated with PERHUTANI have planted around 5,000 mangrove seedlings at the location of the Mangrove Forest, Muara Baru Village, Teluk Naga Sub-District, which is under management of Perhutani Banten



Zero accidents in any operational activity is our main target. To realize this, Sumi Indo implements System Managemen Work Safety and Health (SMK3). In order to create a safe work place we facilitate a safety training for employee and factory visitors, improve factory infrastructure for more safety environment, and provide free medical treatment for particular sickness and healthy meal to the employee.


    Sumi Indo vision is to pursue equality of all employee from different background, race, custom, etc. As part of global team of Sumitomo Electric, we aware that to be bigger, we have to value differences and respect each of every member of Sumi Indo team.