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Year Company Profil
GeneralPT. Sumi Indo Kabel is engaged in manufacture cable and wire, including conductor (Cu and Al), Medium and low Voltage Power Cable, Control and Instrument Cable, Telecommunication Cable, and Automobile Wire.
2016Installed Armoring Machine with automated Robotic Arm.

2013Started to manufacture Battery cables for automotive. Through SEI, the cables were distributed to be used by prominent car manufacturer in the world such as Toyota, Honda, etc.

2011SEI acquired 93% share.
Carry out bookkeeping by using English language in U.S. Dollar currency, which was valid since bookkeeping for fiscal year 2012.
(Based on Decision Letter of Finance Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia No. Kep-3218/WPJ.07/2011).

2010Changed Period of Bookkeeping from period January 1 - December 31 become period April 1 – March 31, which was valid since Bookkeeping period April 1 – March 31, 2011.
(Based on Decision Letter of Chief of Listed Company Tax Service Office No. KEP-00002THBK/WPJ.07/KP.0803/2010).

2005Expanded the Instrument Cable production line to be able to complete the whole process in house and to supply the cables globally, especially for high demand of instrument cables in oil and gas industry.

2001Received recognition as a Bonded Zone Company. (Based on Kep No.278/KMK.04/2001 and extended based on Minister of Finance Decree No.1039/KM.4/2012 dated 13 April 2012).

1999Changed name from PT. IKI Indah Kabel Indonesia Tbk., to PT. Sumi Indo Kabel Tbk. (Based on the Notarial Deed no 14 dated 4 December 1998 by Notarist A. Partomuan Pohan, SH, LL.M and was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in his decision letter No. C-2138.HT.01.04.TH. 99 dated 29 January 1999 and published in State Gazette No1435 on 2/3-1999 no.18)

1998SEI gained 88% of share. The paid up capital of the Company was increased from Rp.36,000,000,000,- to Rp.306,000,000,000,- Separate the Copper Wire Plant and established 'PT. KARYA SUMIDEN INDONESIA' which manufactures Copper Rod & Wire.
1996Installed the CCV Line with 'Common Cross Curing Process' For Medium Voltage Cable and facility to manufacture Optical Fiber Cable.

1994Converted into Foreign Direct Investment Company with 41% share of Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., Japan (SEI).
(Based on the Notarial Deed No 24 dated 8 Februari 1995 by Notarist A.Partomuan Pohan, S.H.,LL.M. and published in State Gazette no.52 dated 30 June 1995, Supplement to the State Gazette no. 5417).

1993Start to manufacture Fire Resistant Cable under brand name IKILON, which is the first Fire Resistant Cable in Indonesia.

1991Listed in Jakarta Stock Exchange and established a Copper Wire Plant.

1982Changed name to PT. IKI Indah Kabel Indonesia. (Based on the notarial deed No 67 dated 19 March, 1982 by Lieke Lianadevi Tukgali, S.H.).

1981Established in July 23, 1981 with name PT. Industri Kawat Indonesia, having Head Office and Factory located in Tangerang, Banten. (Based on notarial deed No 121 by Chusu Nuduri Atmadiredja, a vice notary in Tangerang).