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The company`s Audit Committee is established in order to assist the Board of Commissioners in maintaining the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, in accordance with Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 55/POJK.04/2015 concerning the Establishment and Implementation Guidelines of the Audit Committee and The Indonesian Stock Exchange Regulation No. I-A regarding The Listing Shares & Equity Securities Other than Shares issued by Listed Company (Appendix II of The Indonesian Stock Exchange`s Directors Decision No.: Kep-00001/BEI/01-2014 dated 20 January 2014). The Audit Committee carries out its functions in accordance with the regulations and instructions from the Board of Commissioners.

Adhering to the prevailing principles, the duties and responsibility of the Audit Committee includes thereview of any financial information issued by the Company, review over the Company’s compliance towards the capital market law and other relevant stipulations, a review of the independency and objectivity of the public Accountant, a review of the audit adequacy taken by the Public Accountant to ensure all major risks have been taken into consideration, and a review of any complaint related to the Company. In implementing its tasks, the Audit Committee conducts its review duties based upon
documents, data and references or information furnished by the Company. The Audit Committee provides report and opinion as well as reports directly to the Board of Commissioners. The profiles and structure of the Audit Committee of the company as per 1 October 2021 are as follows:
- Cahyadi Wijaya
Independent Commissioners, also acting as a Chairman of the Audit Committee as per 21 July 2014. An Indonesian citizen, born in 1964. He has a Master of Accounting from the University of
Indonesia, Jakarta.
- Warga Sari Utamy Teddy
A member of the Audit Committee since 22 February 2018. An Indonesian citizen, born in 1973. She was graduated from the D-III Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, majoring in Accounting.
- Ferdy Christianto
A member of the Audit Committee since 1 October 2021. An Indonesian citizen, born in 1991, Jakarta. He was graduated from the Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, majoring in Accounting.