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The Board of Directors holds executive authority in the Company. The duties and main function of the Board of Directors are to control the Company`s operational activities according to the Company Law, company`s Articles of Association, and GMS in order to achieve the targets. The Board of Directors also serves other main duties, which are to help the Company to fulfil its social responsibilities, secure the stakeholders` interests and consistently implement GCG.

Each Director has the qualifications that are required to perform his duties and responsibilies and continously pursues self-development by attending seminars and professional trainings that can help their duty performance.

Adding to their shared duties and responsibilities, each member of Directors has individual duties and responsibilities.The President Director therefore is to lead the Company and responsible for coordination among management staffs and the Company's internal control systems in order to improve efficiency, productivity and performance of the Company as well as to formulate long-term strategies in accordance with the Company's vision and mission.

Manufacturing Director is responsible for managing manufacturing process to ensure total performance of Quality, Cost and Delivery and make overall improvement and Development.

Marketing Director is responsible for managing of sales activites and set the sales strategies in accordance with the targets and evaluation regularly.

Director of Finance and Accounting Department is responsible for monitoring and and ensuring that all financial and accounting functions is well managed and in accordance with accounting regulations and support the Company's business strategy.

Corporate Director is responsible for supervising, educate, evaluate, control and develop the Human Resources (HR) and ensure the Company achievement in accordance with the Company's vision and mission and ensure the establishment of well managed industrial relations with the related government agencies, Labor Union, local communities as well as to ensure the welfare of all employees, and be responsible for the operations of the Company in accordance with applicable regulations.