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The Company believes that the success of the organization today will elevate if management administration is executed in accordance with the Good Corporate Governance. Therefore management has decided to apply the principles of good corporate governance, as implied in the implementation of Ethical Behavior in the Company`s Business as follows:
  • Business Ethics have to adhere to the goverment regulation.
  • All Employees should to be have based of integrity and honesty.
  • All Employees have to respect to human right and not allow discrimantes race, nationality, age, gender, religion, etc.
  • All Employees should be able to create peaceful and comfortable situation for working. Regulation of Bussiness Implicit Behavior Ethics:
1. The justice in the Company activity:
  • Prohibition of illegal competition.
  • Respect and take care of copyright.
  • Take care of the environment.
  • Information Management.
2. Maintain conducive working environment:
  • Respect to the human right.
  • Safety and Hygiene.
  • Prohibited to sexual despising.
3. Personnal activities in outside of Company activities:
  • Prohibited for personnal activities that cause the bad impact for Company.